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Personal Data Assurance/MyData

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Your personal data is handled securely

Your personal details, and the data provided by the DVLA will only ever be used to calculate a motor insurance quote. They will not be used for any other purpose, or be made available for anyone else. Only the motor insurance industry will use this information.

Data from the DVLA will only be processed with your agreement, and the agreement of any named drivers, as both the DVLA and insurers understand the sensitivity of this information. MyLicence adheres to the Data Protection Act 2018, and there are strict controls in place about what data is provided, and how it can be used.

Key security measures in place

  1. The DVLA only provides details of your driving entitlements, the length of time you have held a driving licence, and valid motoring convictions.
  2. Information is not shared with anyone else: even as the main policyholder, you cannot see data about named drivers, and no DVLA data is printed on policy documents.
  3. Automatic insurance systems mean information will not be accessed by staff, and if it does need to be viewed, there are strict controls imposed on who can see it.
  4. Your medical information, full address and your photograph is not given to insurers.

When you request a quote, or multiple quotes, the insurer will be provided with the DVLA data. However, insurers can only keep this information while the quote is valid; approximately 30 days. After the quote expires, the insurer can anonymise the information and use it for analysis purposes (in which you are unidentifiable), after which it will be deleted. Once you have purchased a policy, the insurer or broker you have purchased the policy from will retain the data in order to administer the policy.

Your insurer may contact you on an advisory basis if the DVLA has advised that your photocard is out of date or that your postcode is different on your insurance application to that on your driving licence.

This may help you avoid a fine of up to £1000 for not keeping your licence up to date.

Click here to learn more about how MIB processes your personal data.